Lofts are great, and for many more reasons than people realize. They are spacious, open and unique from most other smaller, more cramped, and boring apartments and condos. They also tend to be in older neighborhoods that are being revived with nice restaurants, bars, as well as art galleries and other parts of culture.

They're also easy and cheap to maintain, as there are fewer moving parts and everything is made to be strong and sturdy, especially those that are converted from old industrial buildings. There's a reason why lofts are in such high demand these days, and among young adults most of all! This blog is dedicated to Lofts and all the great things about them.

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Loft Weddings: Love All Around!

This is one of the many other great uses for lofts that very few people ever think about, but I attended such a wedding of a friend of mine years ago and it was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. The open space, tall ceilings and unique architecture of the loft was perfect for hosting larger events like weddings, and all the decorations and designs for the wedding were made to suit it.

I wound up talking to my friend's wedding planner in Vancouver about it because I wanted to know about the idea, and how common it was. Here's a quick rundown of the things they told me, plus some extra bits I've researched myself since then.

If you're concerned about size, don't be. In the Vancouver area alone you can find lofts that are large enough to comfortably fit events of 150 people. The high ceilings makes for good acoustics for a ceremony, and the large space and (usually) large and plentiful windows provide plenty of natural light. You can also hold the dinner or reception in a laid back, cocktail party style that can be both fashionable and also relaxed.

The other benefit is that lofts can be cheaper to rent as a venue for your wedding than other locations. This is a case of the building and architecture style working for you in multiple ways! If you like the style, it's a bonus, but it can turn off a lot of people, which lowers the demand for them. So you can host your wedding at a beautiful location with tons of potential for decoration and do it for cheaper than more typical venues!